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The Deakin Beach Art Clothing Company is a 100% Australian owned company vending quality clothing for beach and casual wear. Our products feature limited edition original artworks by acclaimed Aboriginal and Torres Strait artists weaving these narratives into eye-catching, practical clothing and footwear apparel. All artworks featured on our products are ethically sourced. The Deakin Beach Art Clothing Company is a member of the Indigenous Art Code and of The Arts Law Centre of Australia.


Our Artists


Our company supports and promotes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and the international recognition of their work as artwork of great breadth and depth.

Heather Marie Koowootha

Heather’s  works are inspired by stories and experiences growing up.

Glen Mackie (Kel Kalak)

Glen has a distinguishable bold design style featuring wonderfully threadlike lines.

Sharing the Profits

Royalties are paid to the artist’s, from the proceeds of every sale and we will be continuing to develop our support of established and emerging artists and their cultural practices.

10% of sales goes directly to the artists of Far North Queensland.

Disclaimer: Deakin Beach Art Clothing Company thongs are high-quality-art dress thongs. They are designed for visual appeal and comfort. They are not intended for use during strenuous activity. Artwork and thong material may wear and diminish through everyday wear. Our thongs feature genuine Australian indigenous artwork. Indigenous artists receive royalty payments so we can reproduce their fantastic art on your beautiful footwear. Limited edition/under copyright. Caution: Soles and artwork on top of the sole may become slippery when wet.

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